Thanks to Nick Wheeldon for the translation.

Loopy the dog lives in a small, pretty village with fields all around. His neighbour, Kelly the sheep, is his best friend. They often play ball together.

But for several days, the two friends have been very worried. There is a large quantity of sand spreading in the surrounding meadows that threatens to cover their village. It emerged from the soil of a neighbouring forest, next to the Ketchup Factory.

We must act! The village elders talked to Loopy about a magical creature living a few miles away. She is, it seems, capable of fulfilling all wishes. Some say they have seen her with their own eyes, others have merely heard about her... The elders stories don't match up: "She is very tall! ", "No, on the contrary, she is very small, like a little fairy!", "She is monstrous with sharp claws! ", "Not at all, she is the embodiment of beauty".

Loopy volunteered to meet the creature and ask her for help.

Encouraged by Kelly and all the villagers, he fled into the desert. It's hot, very hot. Loopy does not recognize the landscape, the sand has covered everything.

After an hour of walking, Loopy is lost. Sand, sand again, everything looks the same! He meets a group of owls. He explains his quest and asks for directions. The owls are not talkative, but they eventually give directions to Loopy.

Loopy continued his journey. He thinks of the green fields of his village and his best friend Kelly. He would like to be able to save them and go home, but the road seems to never end.

Suddenly, a penguin popped up in front of Loopy. A penguin in the desert, “what”! The little dog has a bad feeling. The penguin has a strange look on his face, he doesn't seem friendly.

Loopy does not have time to say a single word before the penguin attacks him. His eyes project powerful and very hot lazers. The penguin takes the flask of water from the poor little dog and sends him tumbling into the desert.

Loopy has run out of water, he is exhausted. He ends up fainting under the hot sun.

When Loopy wakes up, he is on the back of an elephant. The elephant is called George. He found Loopy on his walk, gave him water and carried him. Loopy thanks him warmly. He explains his quest. George knows where the magical creature lives, from here, he will lead the way.

Two hours pass. George stops in front of a small house, the only one not to be covered by sand. "Here it is Loopy!” The little dog imagined that the creature lived in a palace, a cave or a flying saucer, not in a simple house. He is surprised. Loopy thanks again George, who continues on his way.

Loopy is alone in front of the house. He does not know what to expect, he's a bit scared. He calls out.

After a few minutes, something surges out of the chimney. The creature appears in front of Loopy. She is neither very tall nor very small. She looks like a woman and wears beautiful jewels that sparkle under the sun. She addresses Loopy in a very serious tone: "Who dares to bother me?"

Loopy is impressed. He explains the reason for his visit to the creature, stammering. "My village needs your help!”

The creature replies, "I can only help the purest hearts, little dog. Do you accept that your heart will be observed? Loopy agrees. He feels a warmth in his chest, the same heat as those lazers projected by the penguin. His heart rises into the air until it's level with the eyes of the creature.

After observing the heart for a few moments the creature declares: "Your intentions are noble, you do not act for glory. You braved many dangers for your friends, I'll help you."

She then makes an object appear in front of Loopy. She warns him: "Tell your village that nature is not cruel, it acts in retaliation. Know that I can only help you once, never a second time." Without further explanation, she disappears, leaving Loopy alone with the object.

"It looks like a vacuum cleaner ..." Loopy thinks. On the device there is one single button, golden and bright. Loopy decides to press it. The vacuum ascends into the air and begins to vibrate.

It begins to swallow all the sand around Loopy! Within a few seconds there is not even a grain. The desert has completely disappeared!

Loopy is so happy on his way back home! He is amazed by the trees, flowers and meadows. This time, he appreciates all around him: over there, the orchard of his cousin Moss and further down the slope where, in winter, he sled with Kelly. He walks very fast, he can not wait to see his family.

Loopy is welcomed as a hero by his village. A big party is held in his honor and the Electric Badgers, the best band in the whole region, came to play especially for him. What a joy to dance on the grass!