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How to read Bancal digital publications ?  

Bancal publications are in epub 3 format, with a fixed layout.

Once the file is downloaded, to read it, you can use the following free tools :


On your computer :

  • Thorium Reader is an application to download for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. This application is free and based on open-source modules. It is the perfect tool, recommanded by Bancal.
  • your Apple Books application if you have a Mac computer.
  • Adobe Digital Edition, a free software to download for Windows and Mac OS.
  • the free online viewer of the site ofoct.com (it is better to have an ad blocker to use it). This tool can help but it is not optimal.

On your smartphone/tablet :

  • Lisa app, free for IOS and Android.
  • your Apple Books application if you have an IOS mobile device.

If you are used to downloading ebooks containing only text, please note that your usual reading tool will certainly not be suitable for the epub 3 format and its multimedia contents. The tools listed above can read all kind of ebooks and they are the only ones that guarantee the full reading of Bancal's publications (but there will be more in the future !).

How to support Bancal ? 

Bancal EPUBs are publishing under license creative commons (the precise license appears on each publication) and are DRM free. It means they are free to move from screen to screen !

If you want to support Bancal's work and published artists, you can download publications on Gumroad at chosen price.

I also have a personnal account on Liberapay.

Thanks !

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